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Team Toolbox: 5 Ways to Generate Good Fortune

Horseshoes (like these) are considered lucky charms. (Source:
Horseshoes (like these) are considered lucky charms. (Source:

Not just “happy,” but a “Prosperous and Fulfilling New Year” to all of you!

Did you make resolutions or goals for 2013?

Here’s a link that you might find interesting:

Its underlying message is that for people to experience a shift from good to better, they have to take action. If a person would like to increase the number of his/ her connections (say in LinkedIn or Facebook), he/ she has to stick her neck out. Or to quote a line from the online article, “Sitting on the sidelines watching won’t make things happen.”

I agree.

When I was on vacation between October and November last year, my friend invited me to join her and her friends for a night of salsa dancing. I have never danced salsa in my life.

Basic steps were taught before the actual dancing began. But no matter how many practice partners I had, I still couldn’t salsa dance properly. I still couldn’t figure out which way to turn even if my partner was already nudging me in the right direction. But that evening taught me an invaluable lesson:

No one really cares if you turn left or right or sway like a dry twig on a hot summer day. What’s important is you grabbed the chance to enjoy yourself and meet a few interesting people along the way.

Do you have tips for generating or increasing good fortune? Please share them.

Happy reading!

First published: 2 January 2013