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Team Toolbox: 6 Unexpected Ways to Make Someone’s Day

One Valentine’s season many years ago, I bewailed to a friend that I didn’t have a date and that I wished someone would send me a card. Now this particular friend is naughty in a nice way. (Yes, it’s possible!) On Valentine’s Day of that year, someone DID send me a card through our office messenger. I was surprised, of course, and wheedled him to tell me who it’s from. The messenger, with a twinkle in his eye, simply said, “You have to open it to find out.”

The Valentine’s Day card is from my good friend, Tess. Yes, a female! Much more romantic than I am, she couldn’t care less if we’re both without dates that year. What was important for her was that I am happy and she made someone’s wish come true.

I am not sure if I kept the card (see how unromantic I am?), but the memory remains long after that Valentine’s Day has passed. As for the friend, she’s now blissfully married and living a charmed life abroad. I am sure it’s the Universe’s way of repaying her for being such a generous and happy soul.

How about you? What have you done lately to make someone’s day?

Happy reading. Keep making someone happy!

First published: 13 August 2012