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Team Toolbox: Are You Where You Want to Be?

(Inspired by the article: Are You Where You Want to Be?)

“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” ~ Jerry Rice

Nephews Coby and Gabby are aged 3 years old (turning 4) and 2 years old (turning 3), respectively. At this point in their life, one likes to read and the other is more into gadgets. Both, however, like to climb the stairs at home!

At first it puzzled me because, except for three bedrooms, there’s not much to see once they reach the top landing. Eventually, I realized the boys take to the stairs for two major reasons: to explore their environment and to test their limits (if not their parents’ patience).

My sisters-in-law always come over for a visit armed with a plethora of toys and an assortment of books. This is to ensure the boys are never bored. What we all overlook is that young people are impossibly curious and, unless they’re stuck inside a vehicle, they *will* find ways to search what’s inside a room, a wall, a closet, behind a curtain, under the bed . . . ad infinitum!

When a certain periphery has been fully explored, the two boys cast their sights on the stairs. Not at the same time, but when one so much as steps on a tread, the other follows. So what if they’re less than three feet tall or that their legs are short or that their dads have already issued stern warnings? Both boys forge on as if to say, “There’s a staircase to be conquered, and I’m going to do it!”

I’ll probably be worried myself if I have kids who are as inquisitive as these boys are. At the same time, this aunt finds inspiration in the lessons she’s learning from her nephews and other children. If they have the confidence to take on the unknown, given their “limitations,” then who are we to say “no” to opportunities that stretch our limits, imagination and that maximize our potentials?

How about you? Are you where you want to be?

Source: Psychology Today
First published: 1 October 2012