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Team Toolbox: How to Use Your Super Power for Good

Link: How to Use Your Super Power for Good

I can also relate to the friendly disposition of the receptionist in this article.

Two weeks ago I went downtown, one of my favorite destinations for buying cooking utensils, among others. I was in town that time to buy a few supplies so I could make homemade goat cheese. As if going store to store wasn’t daunting enough, it was even more so when talking to sales assistants who, though polite, clearly didn’t have the patience for customers who are not sure of what they need to buy. This is downtown, after all. If one prefers solicitous salespersons, department stores or hypermarkets are more recommended.

As I was about to call it a day, I happened to step inside a narrow shop lined with all sorts of cooking supplies imaginable. The shop is really no different from the others except that this one has very little room for moving about. One can’t just charge in without hitting a few pots and pans along the way. It was while I was slowly picking my way through the aisles when I was approached by a salesperson who asked, “How can I help you”?

To make a long sharing short, not only did I end up buying all the items I need from this store, I also gained a shopping ally. As a consumer, I’m very inquisitive. I tend to ask a lot of questions, especially if something is particularly interesting: “What’s this for?” “What’s that for?” (Information helps one make better decisions, I always say.)

Ma’am Beth, as I call her, took it all in stride. And with much amusement. She never saw the questions as an imposition on her time or as a way for me to get more discounts (I already got it without asking). That is her ‘super power’: to be a patient listener and to provide the best customer care she knows how. I won’t be surprised if, because of this “power,” she has gained many repeat customers over the 27 years that she has been working in that shop. That day, two weeks ago, she gained a new one: me.

Have you ever thought about your own ‘super power?’ Or has someone pointed it out to you?

Source: HBR Blogs
First published: 5 March 2012