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Using the Pedestrian Crossing – Note to Drivers

A pedestrian crossing (Source:
A pedestrian crossing (Source:
  • Pedestrian crossings are where people can safely cross the street.
  • Slow down when approaching one, especially when people are already on it. Where else can they cross the street safely?
  • Don’t run over people who use the pedestrian crossing. (One of them could be your relative or someone you know.) Bad karma does exist and will come back to haunt you if you deliberately hurt them.
  • The joke is that if you hit someone who’s thin/ slim, he/she’s ‘worth’ 10 points. If you hit someone bigger, that’s about 20-30 points. And if the person is, well, on the heavy side, that’s worth 50 points and above. Really, is that how drivers who act like reckless gods “value” people? They consider them as merely “points,” parts of a road game?
  • Be patient with the slow-walking elderly and pregnant women. You want people to be patient with you as well, don’t you?
  • Just in case you didn’t know: senior citizens are actually afraid of crossing the street because they might get hit or, worse, killed by careless and selfish drivers.
  • It’s well-known among pedestrians that many drivers don’t care about senior citizens crossing the street on their own. “They don’t value life” or “nothing’s sacred anymore” is the common sentiment. Don’t believe me? Walk in our shoes.

I’ve been on both sides of the fence. Seeing how drivers take over the streets, I’ve decided to ditch the car and use public transportation to get to most destinations. I still use the car, albeit sparingly.

As a pedestrian, I’ve had my share of being nearly run over whilst on a pedestrian crossing. As a result, I’ve learned how to fake looking like a person with disability (PWD) just to get sympathy and cross the street safely. It’s amusing, I know, but if drivers have their own private road game, pedestrians (like me) do, too.