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Let go. Move on.

Every so often, I clean my closet, but I do it more vigorously around the holiday season or just after the New Year opens. I believe that if I do that, if I throw or give away things (1) I don’t need any more or (2) that don’t have meaning to me anymore, any bad luck that had befallen me the previous year would go away. Would cease to cling to me and thus I can welcome the New Year with much anticipation.

Image of drawer filled with photos courtesy of StockSnap

But it isn’t just objects that I discard around Christmas or the New Year. I purge unhappy thoughts and memories, as well. And if needed, I let go of people who no longer consider me important in their life. What’s the point of holding on if they give you nothing but headaches and heartaches? I never believed in wallowing in pity for too long. It keeps the good vibes and opportunities from approaching you.

Remember, what you keep replaying in your mind shows in your aura, and that’s what the Universe picks up! Cling to what makes you unhappy and despondent, and that’s what you’ll attract into your life. Wrap yourself in all things positive and happy, and that’s what you’ll project into the world and the people around you.

Here’s to a New Year filled with good vibes, happy moments, and exciting opportunities!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt, Cling.