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New Year, New Page

There’s nothing like starting the New Year with a clean slate or a new page, as the case may be.

I’m starting a new journal on the first day of the Lunar New Year 2017.

There are countless articles on how to prepare for the New Year, lunar or otherwise. While I do indulge in the occasional long read, I have a simple recipe that I follow year after year:

  1. Clean, de-clutter, and discard. – This one is pretty straightforward.
  2. Cleanse your mind and spirit. – Release all negative thoughts and ill feelings into the Universe. We can’t experience happiness or receive blessings if we refuse to let go of hurts, especially those that we have no control over (e.g. loss of a job).  Give them up and move on!
  3. Say “thank you” for the year that was. – Even if we think nothing good came out of the previous year, there is always something to be grateful for: your family and loved ones, your health, and your talents, among others. Say “thank you” for the failures and for the lessons gleaned from those failures. We’re now wiser because of what we went through.
  4. Pamper yourself . . . even just a bit. – A New Year usually “calls” for a new look (or a new clothing item or a new accessory), but the latter need not be expensive. The point is, you feel good about yourself as you face the New Year and all the challenges and surprises it brings.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Stay positive!