How photography connects us (a TED Talk)

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Shoot Outside your Comfort Zone: Here’s How and Why to Do It

This one is a long read. But as someone who’s slowly getting enamored with the charm of photography, I just have to curate it for other WordPress members interested in photography, digital or film.

Image of Storm Troopers by Steven Starr, writer of the online article featured in the link below.

Here are some highlights from the article of Steven Starr, fashion, beauty, and editorial fashion photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Go old school
  • Go really old school
  • Make me want to buy it
  • Use the force
  • Bring me to life
  • Make me wanna go

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Link – Some Images of Catholic Icons

For Filipinos, God, Mother Mary, and the saints, among others, are never far behind if they need comfort, help, or simply, space to find peace.


Link – Some Images of Catholic Icons

Link to an Article on 23 Tips for Street Photography

“To help make the most of your street photography endeavors, Cooperative of Photography, or COOPH, has shared 23 Ninja Tips for Your Next Photo Walk.”

Here are some tips from the list:

  • Wear dark clothes; bright colors make you stand out.
  • Frame your shot and wait for the right moment. You don’t always have to chase an image. Let them come to you.
  • Don’t over-edit your photos – less truly is more.
  • Sometimes only part of your subject is more interesting than all of it. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Black-and-white is wonderful for street photography, even if it has become a bit of a cliché.
I’ve always had a fascination for parallel lines and lines that move to a point in the distance. Shortly after this was taken, a woman appeared at the top of the steps.